About Green Coverings

Green Coverings is a young and dynamic company with a customer centric approach. We strive to provide customized total flooring solutions with the key role of ensuring the greenest options as well as retaining an extensive choice of design and color. We can proudly boast of employees who are thorough professionals with extensive and varied experience in UAE flooring domain.

We are dedicated to the continuous development of our technical offering to meet both the industrial and environmental challenges posed by the ever-evolving dynamics. Economical, ecological and sociological aspects of sustainability are the backbone of what dictates values through out our business. Quality is embedded both in durable and efficient products as well as professional and customer driven support. As a reliable partner, we act in a way that we would wish to be treated ourselves.


Green Coverings aspires to become a leading supplier of quality residential and commercial flooring solutions which are perfectly in tune with our environment in the United Arab Emirates.



Green Coverings, a residential and commercial flooring company based out of the Dubai, UAE, we are wholly committed to the use of the best quality materials in sync with our environment and to the utilization of skilled and professional craftsmen. As a company with professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of flooring solutions, we completely understand that the air we breathe is a priority for us. Our company is fully committed to the health and the well-being of our employees, our customers and our planet alike.


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